Will Bell, President & CEO

As a computer scientist, BASIS President Will Bell has over 25 years of industry experience in developing and deploying major, pervasive, highly-complex systems—running on a wide variety of platforms. He began his career at the NIHNIH NICHD Institute where he worked as a scientific programmer. He was responsible for writing special programs and using proprietary software SAS and SPSS to perform statistical and scientific analyses of data. He has held many technology-related positions in the US Government, including Chief of the Systems Development Section at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Office of Inspection and Enforcement (I & E), Systems Analyst and Database Designer and spent most of his tenure in the US Government fulfilling various management/Project Manager positions until his official departure from government service. At the NRC he introduced database management technology to I & E and designed the 766 System, using the first DBMS (System 2000) at the NRC. Appointed head of the Distributed Technologies Group (DTG), Mr. Bell pioneered client/server technology at the NRC and devised a strategic plan for the training of the DTG staff in this new technology (Sybase DBMS and PowerBuilder as client/user interface). Currently, Mr. Bell is setting the strategic direction for BASIS, a company he started in 1996. He has established strategic business relationships with established firms and has obtained several contract vehicles for the company. BASIS, as a subcontractor, has responsibility for the database design effort related to the re-engineering of or making enhancements NRCto pre-existing client/server financial systems currently in use by the US Department of the Treasury at the Financial Management Service (FMS). More specifically, the BASIS team of database administrators has the responsibility of delivering to the FMS the pertinent software engineering and database design work to successfully re-engineer and redeploy financial systems as J2EE web-based applications. Mr. Bell is a technology pioneer and introduced the database transactions server model where the business transactions (business logic) are stored in the database at the FMS within the Department of the Treasury.

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