Database Administration

Database Solutions

BASIS can conduct database administration and database management tasks for our clients —ranging from simple to complex— to ensure the client’s fully integrated and dynamic Internet applications are running 24 x 7.

Our Experience

  • Monitoring of DB2, Oracle, Sybase, and MSQL server availability
  • Resolution of DB2, Oracle, Sybase, and MSQL server issues
  • Configuration, scheduling, and monitoring of database backups
  • Backup and recovery planning and execution
  • Performance monitoring and system tuning
  • Space management and capacity planning
  • Setting up client server databases DB2, Oracle, Sybase, and MSQL server

Current Work

BASIS, Inc. is currently providing database administration support in heterogeneous distributed RDBMS database environments (Sybase, Oracle, DB2, SQL server), monitoring and managing database events, controlling database backup and recovery, optimizing database space and performance and database design. BASIS database administrators are very capable of supporting multiple databases from different vendors.

BASIS designed Systems to allow both OLTP and Bulk applications (batch) to run concurrently. During the execution of these systems, we monitor and focus on the internal workings of the systems and the databases to make sure performance is stable. We monitor to understand the underlying causes of any issues and how they can be managed and improved to ensure end user satisfaction. We use the DBArtisan tool for monitoring and managing the database environment. This tool gives the DBAs the ability to:

  • Identify hot spots of usage
  • Track applications table access for contention
  • Free-up system resources during peak usage
  • Quickly identify performance issues and drill-down for details
  • Increase efficiency by adjusting the database system configuration parameters at the instance level
  • Identify the type of request that was submitted
  • Build, track and manage database changes across FMS enterprise in the development, QA and production environments
  • Perform data structure changes, migration and versioning across multiple RDBMS (Sybase, Oracle, DB2 and MSQL server) or between RDBMS from one common interface
  • Provide proactive management of the databases and system events to ensure the distributed databases operate at maximum availability and peak performance

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