Business Continuity

Handling Disaster Recovery

Tivoli Storage Manager

BASIS has extensive business continuity experience.  The advantages of our team are evident in the capabilities of our members; the technical innovation, flexibility, scalability and practicability of our solution; and our combined experience serving our customers.  We have been participants in the Disaster Recovery exercises at a government agency for the last several years and consequently have a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures which are currently in place.  They are based upon recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-34 guidelines.  As part of our responsibility for the mission critical systems we have developed and continue to maintain for the government, in the event of a disaster (major outage due to hardware failure or server failure), using the Tivoli Storage Manager client on the database servers we perform: (1) full backups of the application databases nightly; (2) incremental backups during the day; and (3) differential backups during the day.

National Institute of Standards & Technology

Our Capabilities

  • Create/Organize the Business Recovery Plan
  • Collect Business Recovery Data & Information
  • Perform Business Impact Analysis
  • Design Business Recovery Strategies
  • Write Business Recovery Plan
  • Test Business Recovery Plan
  • Maintain the Business Recovery Plan
  • Establish Exercise Framework
  • Scope the Exercise
  • Establish Exercise Objectives
  • Refine Exercise Targets: Evaluations
  • Establish Exercise Scenarios
  • Develop Exercise Structure
  • Conduct the Exercise
  • Post Exercise Debriefings

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