Cloud Computing

Working Remotely

At BASIS, we have employees working remotely so we incorporate a combination of web-based tools to communicate and get things done. Moving to a cloud computing infrastructure has allowed us more freedom in terms of where we work and how we work. Removing the burden of renting space for computing systems, equipment, furniture, etc. has reduced our expenses considerably. Using cloud-hosted applications has provided our remote project members with access to shared project schedules and files and has allowed us to continue to communicate effectively with each other.

Maintaining Compliance While Reducing Operating Costs

In addition to just using cloud-based software, we’ve put together the perfect suite of applications that allows us to comply with our own standard operating best practices procedures, as well as with CMMI practices. We achieved our goal of streamlining our operations without losing productivity or incurring additional costs, and we know we can guide other businesses in doing the same. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business reduce its operating costs and make a seamless and successful transition to the cloud.

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